Yuletide 9

Yuletide 9 | 05-12-2017

Category: Ladies      CSS:N/Q      SponsorNancy Meredith
Pos. Score Player H/C Club  
Class 1: 1st 16pts on c/b Philippa Carr 16
2nd 16pts on c/b Mary O Connell 16
3rd 16pts on c/b Hilary Mc Devitt 22
Class2: 1st 17on c/b Paulyne Corby 27
2nd 17 on c/b Carol Taaffe 24
3rd 15-1ppt Mary Spierin 24
Class 3: 1st 15pts on c/b Maeve Free 36
2nd 15pts on c/b Geraldine Hughes 34
3rd 15-1ppt Pauline Malone 32




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