Local Rules

  1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27)
    1. In or over all boundary ditches and fences and as defined by white stakes/lines.
    2. All building enclosures, practice green area as far as white stakes and driveway.
  2. Electricity Pylons/Wires. Ball striking MUST be replayed.
  3. Stones in Bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule (24-1) applies.
  4. Drop Zones. Where drop zones are provided their use is optional.
  5. Integral part of course include plastic bark protection and mulch around trees, tractor marks, bare earth and gorse unless marked as GUR.
  6. Staked Trees and Pathways are immovable obstructions. Relief as per Rule (24-2b).
  7. Fixed Sprinkler heads & Second Holes on Greens. Relief is available from all fixed sprinkler heads and second holes on greens. Rule (24-2). In addition, if a ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and such an obstruction on or within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two clublengths of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may take relief : The ball shall be lifted and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which is not nearer the hole, avoids such intervention and is not in a hazard or on a green.
  8. Water Hazards: Stone and sleeper walls of hazards are part of the hazard. All plants growing on margins of hazard are part of the hazard.
  9. Water Hazard on the right side of 4th Fairway only. You are permitted to play a provisional ball for a ball that may have entered this hazard.
  10. Electronic Measuring Devices which measure distance only are permitted. Please check the notice board for any additional or temporary changes to local rules.

GENERAL PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULE: Matchplay: Loss of hole Stroke Play: 2 strokes
Please check notice boards for any additional or temporary amendments to local rules.




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