Wildlife of Castlewarden

Dr. Ed Walsh, M.Agr.Sc, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor of Crop Science, University College Dublin and respected member of Castlewarden Golf Club has committed a significant amount of time and effort in cataloguing a compendium of the natural Flora to be found on our Golf Course. Ed is the author of “The Trees of Castlewarden” – that was published by the club in 2008.

We invite you to share in this treasure and visit Ed’s web site. Please feel free to contact Ed with any suggestions, observations or new species you may discover as you enjoy your golf in Castlewarden.

Wild Flowers

floraGolfing at Castlewarden is played against a sublime natural backdrop but many golfers, I suspect, are blissfully unaware of the natural riches that surround them.

The succession of wild flowers and other examples of local vegetation that bloom and flourish over the season at Castlewarden have been recorded and are presented now at www.castlewardenflora.com 

Why not pay a visit and see the natural spectacles that you may have missed at Castlewarden.

Castlewarden Wildlife

Winter Wonderland

The Trees of Castlewarden




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